AdoraLotus - BBC Cuckold on Your Wedding Night


AdoraLotus - BBC Cuckold on Your Wedding Night
It's your wedding night and you've finally got your wife all to yourself, or so you thought. Your wife has a bit of a different idea for the night. You'd do anything to make her happy, right? Well, what would pleasure her the most is experiencing a BBC for the first time. So, you watch closely and see just how much more a black cock can satisfy your wife. She even gets so wrapped up in the pleasure of sucking and fucking the black bull, that she wants you to watch him breed her! After she's done with him, she coerces you to service him as well. Join in with a dildo at home and see if you can handle the BBC as well as your wife can TAGS: AdoraLotus, ScarletLotuss, BBC, cuckold, creampie, roleplay, POV, cuck, interracial, BJ, creamy, dildo fucking, close-up, redhead, small tits, PAWG, slut, snow bunny

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