AdoraLotus - Creamy Edging Leads to Longest Orgasm


AdoraLotus - Creamy Edging Leads to Longest Orgasm
This video is a MUST SEE, especially for those who loves my creamy orgasms! This is 20+ minutes of edging 5x, while my tight pussy drips with lots and lots of creamy cum and begs to go over the edge. As much as it is tor ture to deny my pussy of orgasm 5x, it leads to the strongest series of orgasms I have EVER had! You will see me cum HARD, legs shaking and eyes rolling back into my head, for 3+ minutes straight with 3 consecutive orgasms (no space in between each orgasm, which is a first for me!) TAGS: ScarletLotuss, creamy orgasms, edging, creamy pussy, dripping, collar, submissive slut, lush, hitachi, female solo masturbation, toys, pussy play, pussy fucking, tight pussy, pink pussy, small tits, big ass, pale skin, big green eyes, long curled red hair, moaning fetish, breathy, intense orgasm, shaking orgasm, eye rolling, record breaking orgasm, consecutive orgasms, pussy play, wet pussy

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