AglaeaGroup - A Red Ass & A Red Pussy


AglaeaGroup - A Red Ass & A Red Pussy
Asian exchange student Zoe is all dressed up to go out - like a slut! She is wearing a bralette and a short, short skirt with NOTHING on underneath it. Jessie, Zoe's host mother, has a few choice words about that. She takes Zoe over her knee, lifts up Zoe's skirt to reveal creamy bare buttocks, and commences to teaching Zoe a lesson about what to wear and what not to wear in America. Jessie has Zoe count (IN ENGLISH!) her bare-handed spanks, each one leaving a pretty red mark on Zoe's ass cheeks. She tells Zoe about how Zoe will be inviting trouble if she goes out in the outfit Zoe is wearing, that all the American boys will see her as a slut and treat her as a slut. Jessie spreads Zoe's ass cheeks to reveal a dripping pussy from her punishment, and Jessie decides to help Zoe learn how to use that pussy. She starts with rubbing Zoe's clit, then dips first one finger then another into Zoe's warm, wet, tight pussy. Jessie finger fucks Zoe to orgasm, then spanks her more before sending Zoe to her room to get more education about using her pussy...

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