AglaeaGroup - Blowing 2 Popping


AglaeaGroup - Blowing 2 Popping
Redhead MILF Chloe Cage is enjoying her evening alone in her bedroom ... with a bag of balloons. She pulls one out of the pack, stretching it, then begins to blow it up with huge breaths of air. She stretches the balloon until it is huge and oval and full of Chloe's air. She ties it the puts it between her legs and scratches the surface with her long, red fingernails, squeezing the sides of the balloon, until it pops. Pulling out another balloon, Chloe starts to blow it up, this time blowing then letting some air out then blowing air into the balloon again. She ties the balloon to keep her air inside and straddles it, grinding her pussy on the balloon and pushing and squeezing the air within the balloon until it pops between her legs, and bits of balloon go all over the bed. She picks up a piece and stretches it to remind herself how her pussy felt when it was rubbing against the balloon...

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