AglaeaGroup - Blowing My Boss


AglaeaGroup - Blowing My Boss
Blonde Lana Anal absolutely MUST have this job, and she wants to prove to you, her new boss, that she is the only woman to fill the position! She starts by slowly unzipping your slacks and pulling out your already-hard cock, then pulling your slacks down your legs so she can have FULL ACCESS to every inch of you. She licks your cock, savoring the taste, before putting it into her pink-lipped mouth and getting it nice and warm and wet. Lana looks you right in the eye as she licks and sucks every inch of your rock hard cock and full balls, using her spit to lube your cock up so she can shove it into her warm, tight throat and gag gently on it. She worships your cock, showing you what a great employee she will be. When she is ready to have a mouthful of your cum, she strokes your cock with her hands and sucks on the head of your cock until you shoot a huge load into her mouth. Lana opens her mouth and sticks out her tongue to show you all of your cum in her mouth, and it sexily drips off her tongue and back onto your still-hard cock.  Lana certainly will be a STAR employee!

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