AglaeaGroup - Breaking In My New Stepsis


AglaeaGroup - Breaking In My New Stepsis
Nicky has a new stepsister and she is a HOT young thing!  He is jerking off his hard cock in his bed when his new sister, Lilly, comes in and finds him.  She is shocked and, covering her eyes, turns to go, but Nicky convinces her to come back and sit down on the bed next to him.  He tells her that because they are now family, they should play together, and their parents need NEVER find out about it.  He tells Lilly to start stroking his rock hard dick, then has her get between his legs and start stroking in earnest using her spit as lube.  He coaxes her into taking his cock into her warm, wet, braces-filled mouth and she sucks on it happily.  When Nicky is almost ready to cum, he has his stepsis stroke him swiftly until he spurts cum all over.  Having a new stepsis is SO MUCH FUN!

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