AglaeaGroup - Cum For Me, Uncle Jack


AglaeaGroup - Cum For Me, Uncle Jack
Uncle Jack has been spying on his niece, Desiree, and he decides to sneak into her room and lay in her bed after watching her masturbate in it just minutes prior...  He is happily nude, stroking his cock and fantasizing about his niece's wet pussy, when Desiree walks into her bedroom, catching his mid-stroke!  She scolds him, but is drawn to his rock hard cock, and when Uncle Jack asks her to play with it, Desiree cannot resist...  She starts by stroking it dry, caressing his cock with her soft hands, as Uncle Jack reaches underneath her short schoolgirl skirt and feels her pussy, still wet from her orgasm when she was masturbating.  Uncle Jack takes out her tiny, all natural tits and fondles them as Desiree gets down to work on stroking his hard cock, adding lube into the mix to give Uncle Jack better sensations.  She strokes her uncle's cock harder and faster, teasing the head with her mouth almost touching it, then makes Uncle Jack explode all over her hands and his stomach.  Desiree shoos Uncle Jack out of her room with a coy smile, leaving Uncle Jack wanting MORE from his sexy young redheaded niece...

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