AglaeaGroup - Daddy's Kitty Cums On Cream Cookies


AglaeaGroup - Daddy's Kitty Cums On Cream Cookies
Daddy, your little girl wants to play, and she is VERY horny! She lays back among her stuffies, munching on cream cookies, and grasps her rock hard Futa cock then starts stroking... Kitty wants you to watch, Daddy, as she strokes her cock with her perky all natural tits out of her tiny top. She strokes harder and harder until her dildo explodes with streams of cum all over her plate of cream cookies. She wants them COVERED for you so she can show you what a GOOD girl she is, so she cums on her plate of cookies three times. They will taste extra good when your little Kitty eats every last bite off her plate like a good little girl!

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