AglaeaGroup - Date Night Gone Wrong


AglaeaGroup - Date Night Gone Wrong
Channy is on a date with Nicky, and he thinks it is going alright until Channy gets him on the floor on top of her and insists that if he wants to get in her pants, he has to wrestle her first. Nicky agrees reluctantly. Channy proceeds to wrestle Nicky onto his back so she is on top, then pick him up kneeling in a tight cradle. He is amused at first by her domination, but Nicky soon realizes that Channy is seriously all about having her way with him, and not in a sexually gratifying kind of way. Channy picks Nicky up in cradles, over-the-shoulders, fireman carry's, and bear hugs, alternating her lifts with plenty of spanking, face licking, imposed kissing and biting. She eventually knocks Nicky out with a tight bear hug, slings him limp over her shoulder, and flexes her muscles.

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femdom fetish mixed wrestling face licking lift & carry