AglaeaGroup - Dr. Lei Lends A Couple A Hand


AglaeaGroup - Dr. Lei Lends A Couple A Hand
Desiree and Nicky have been having issues with their sex life, and it is up to therapist Dr. Leilani Lei to lend them a hand. Desiree explains that since they have started fucking, their love life has gone to hell, and that she doesn't understand. Nicky, with the help of Dr. Lei, informs Desiree that he likes handjobs, and Desiree needs help practicing giving good ones. And so, Dr. Lei has Nicky take off his pants and shows Desiree how to stroke her man's cock, both dry and with lube. Desiree learns from Dr. Lei the most sensitive places on a man's cock, and how to stroke him just so so that he cums. Working together, Desiree and Dr. Lei jerk Nicky's hard cock until it spurts thick cum, and he is satisfied. Desiree and Nicky agree that this is the BEST therapist they have visited and that Dr. Lei has been OH SO helpful to them!

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