AglaeaGroup - Exploring Wax Play & Scissoring


AglaeaGroup - Exploring Wax Play & Scissoring
Channy and her girlfriend, Dezi, love having playtime. They really REALLY love exploring fun new things. So, after a hot makeout session and some tasty pussy eating with plenty of clit licking, Dezi breaks out her candles and lighter. She eagerly lights her candle and starts to slowly, sensually drip hot wax all over Channy's chest, down her stomach, and on the inside of her sensitive thighs. Channy moans with pleasure, enjoying the sensation of the hot wax drying quickly on her skin. Then, Dezi takes out her knife to very carefully scrape the dried wax off Channy's skin, very gently, very tenderly. Channy, having totally been turned on by Dezi's wax on her skin, eagerly kisses Dezi. Dezi cuts off Channy's fishnet stockings, then they start to scissor passionately, fucking one another's clits with enough strength to get each other off. They end their playtime with more intimate kissing, enjoying the taste and feel of one another's mouths...

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