AglaeaGroup - Gag On My Cock


AglaeaGroup - Gag On My Cock
Mistress E has decided that for your training today, you will be sucking her cock like a good slut, and you will be learning how to please ALL cocks. She beckons you over after playing with Her pantyhose to tease you, then has you on your knees with your tongue on Her cock before you know what happened. She instructs you exactly how to please Her - spitting on Her cock, gagging on Her cock, worshipping Her cock. She reminds you that your pathetic clit dick cannot hold a candle to Her huge, hard cock, and that you are NEVER EVER to forget it! You please Mistress E so much that She decides to fill up your aching pussy with Her cock, and She sends you to prepare yourself for Her pegging...

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