AglaeaGroup - Hassling The Homewrecker


AglaeaGroup - Hassling The Homewrecker
Petite teen Lola has fucked Skylar's boyfriend, and Skylar is NOT HAPPY. She invites Lola to her gym to give Lola a piece of her mind, and when Lola starts talking about Skylar's boyfriend, Skylar can't handle it and wrestles Lola to the mat. An epic catfight ensues with plenty of ass smacking, imposed kissing, licking, wedgies, pussy smacking and face sitting. Skylar is putting the smack down on Lola, but Lola keeps running her mouth, so Skylar starts lifting and carrying Lola - cradle, over the shoulder, and fireman - all the while pulling Lola's short shorts up to expose her ass cheeks and spanking her ass until her ass cheeks are rosy red. Skylar and Lola's tits have come out of their tiny tops as they roll around, both a little turned on and a little angry. In the end, Skylar is the victor of the catfight, and she makes sure Lola knows it, with plenty of bare hand spanking and kissing. Skylar carries Lola out of the room to take her to bed after their fight, which is what Skylar really wanted in the beginning!

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