AglaeaGroup - Help Me Find My Dog


AglaeaGroup - Help Me Find My Dog
Nicky is in a rut. He is desperately trying to find his lost pet and doesn't know where to begin. Leilani & her stepdaughter are enjoying a glass of wine, planning their evening out when they hear a knock on the door. Nicky shows them a picture of his lost lil' buddy and asks if he can check around back for any sign of him. Meanwhile Leilani & Lana conspire about getting him into bed with them. He returns with no luck, so the girls suggest he come to the bedroom so he can give them his information. They toss him onto the bed and pull his cock out of his pants and start playing with it, quickly shoving it into their mouths. "Well, we found this!" Leilani cheers as she starts throating Nicky's hard dick. Nicky is into it. They try out different positions, from double-doggy, to 69-cowgirl, then Lana slurps a thick nut out of Nicky's throbbing man-meat. "I'm sure your dog will turn up." they reassure him. Nicky shakes it off, "Oh, he's fine. I found him weeks ago..."

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