AglaeaGroup - Hung Elf On the Shelf


AglaeaGroup - Hung Elf On the Shelf
Santa's Elf Desiree has been a very naughty girl and thinks that she deserves some playtime alone with her huge schlong. She starts in her bed of balloons, blowing some up and playing with them, as she slowly strokes the hard cock standing proudly at attention from her black panties. Turning her attention completely to her cock, Santa's Elf starts stroking more intensely and with great gusto to bring herself to a messy climax. She strokes harder and faster until she squirts long streams of cum all over her festive bedspread. But, Santa's Elf is not done yet, and she continues to jack off her cock until she cums again, and again, enjoying the huge mess that she makes in her bed. She is left sitting in a puddle of her cum and very satisfied from her solo playtime. If only Santa knew what his Elf Desiree was up to in her free time!

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