AglaeaGroup - Ignoring My Worthless Foot Licking Asst


AglaeaGroup - Ignoring My Worthless Foot Licking Asst
Skylar Vera is completely and totally FED UP with her sissy assistant, Jordan. She has no use for him whatsoever! He cannot even make her a decent cup of coffee! She calls him into her office, expecting good coffee, but instead he brings her a mediocre cup of joe yet again, and she is PISSED. She has him strip naked as she works on her computer, completely ignoring him standing attentively next to her desk. In order to get back on her good side, Jordan thinks that he knows just what to do! He begins kissing and licking and caressing Skylar's feet and heels, paying close attention to her arches. He slides her heels off her feet as she continues to ignore him totally, making phone calls and getting work done. Now he runs his tongue over her wrinkled soles and between her pedicured toes as she sits with her legs spread on the desk. She is wearing no panties, and Jordan can get a close up and personal look at Skylar's pussy that he can never touch... Skylar finally is done with Jordan's pathetic attempts to please her, and she sends him away, hoping to find another, less worthless, assistant.

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