AglaeaGroup - Ilsacuna's Initiation


AglaeaGroup - Ilsacuna's Initiation
Ilsacuna is no rookie to BDSM, but she is in over her head when she asks Mistress E for a session. She is instructed to present herself to be collared, and shares an intimate moment with Mistress E as the Mistress collars and possesses her. Then she is instructed to kneel while masturbating with her vibrator as Mistress E slowly drips hot wax across her snow white skin, bringing her to ecstasy and orgasm. After this warmup, Ilsacuna is subjected to a swift caning and flogging session, leaving her pretty ass beet red and leaving Ilsacuna a quivering and now devoted submissive to the powerful Mistress E. Don't miss out on this artistic and sexy BDSM session!

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bdsm collars / leashes wax play flogging caning