AglaeaGroup - Jack And Sherry's New Toy


AglaeaGroup - Jack And Sherry's New Toy
Married couple, Jack & Sherry love to share tales of their sexual exploits when they come home. Little did they know, they both have been having fun with the same girl, Desiree! Jack & Sherry decide they ought to all have fun together! Desiree starts sucking Jack's cock while Sherry gets herself all strapped on - Sherry returns wearing a big black dildo. Desiree gets down on her knees and starts sucking both cocks, then switches position for Jack to fuck her. After fucking and sucking the both of them, Desiree gleefully gets a mouthful of Jack's thick gooey cum. Suddenly, their son Nicky comes home - with a kiss on the cheek for his mom and a fistbump for Dad, Desiree sits there, utterly stunned...

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