AglaeaGroup - Just Blowin' Smoke


AglaeaGroup - Just Blowin' Smoke
Blonde amateur Lana Anal LOVES smoking her cigarettes. It makes her so very horny that when she smokes, she's gotta have her Hitachi close by so she can get herself off! Lana lights her cigarette, looking into your eyes as she does so, and starts to inhale deeply. She savors the flavor of her cig and picks up her vibrator to start massaging her clit. But first, Lana pulls down her top to expose no bra and small, all natural tits that perk up when the vibrator stimulates them. She works her way down to her pussy, smoking all the while, and pulls aside her lacy panties to get good access to her clit and her meaty pussy lips. Lana blows smoke towards you as she gets closer and closer to cumming, until she gets off and brings her sticky, cum-covered hand up to show you then lick off before waving sexily to you...

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