AglaeaGroup - Let Me Have Cake And A Cigarette Too


AglaeaGroup - Let Me Have Cake And A Cigarette Too
Lilly has just spent a fun evening in her blow-up pool sploshing with a girlfriend, and now it is time to unwind with a cigarette and an orgasm... Lilly lights her cigarette then lays back, spreading her legs to show off her young, teen body covered in yummy chocolate cake. She takes a few deep drags on her cigarette, enjoying the smoke and her alone time. Then, Lilly runs her soft hands up to her even softer, pink pussy and starts massaging her clit and her pussy lips, smoking all the while. Watch Lilly pet her pussy from all angles as she smokes until she puts out her cigarette so she can concentrate on getting herself off with sweet, soft moans. After she is satiated, Lilly waves flirtily to you as she fades from view.

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