AglaeaGroup - Let Me Jerk You, Daddy


AglaeaGroup - Let Me Jerk You, Daddy
Skylar Vera has been watching girls give handjobs on her phone while Daddy was out, and it turned her on so much that she masturbated to it, and Daddy comes home to find his little brunette girl with no panties on in the bed playing with herself. She is so glad that Daddy is home so that she can put her hands on Daddy and practice handjobs the way the models online were giving them. She has Daddy lay down on the bed and, after applying some lube to make everything slick, she starts to stroke Daddy's rock hard cock and caress Daddy's full balls. She practices the two hand stroking method that she saw online, and Daddy moans in pleasure. It turns Skylar on to get Daddy closer and closer to cumming, and she moans with anticipation as she strokes faster and faster, running her hands up and down the entire length of Daddy's rock hard cock. When Daddy can't take it anymore, he spurts cum all over Skylar's hands and himself. Skylar shows herself to be a quick study at jerking Daddy off!

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