AglaeaGroup - Lusty Looners Love Your Cock


AglaeaGroup - Lusty Looners Love Your Cock
Isn't it just your lucky day? One wild and crazy night finds you in a blow up pool, surrounded by balloons, with greedy cock-loving Lilly and Nicole running their hands all over your cock and balls while they play with their multi-colored balloons! Sit back and relax as they blow huge breaths of air into their latex, then let it out with squeaks, all the while stroking your rock-hard cock with lubed-up hands. Enjoy the sight of two pairs of tits, one small and perky, one huge and fake, as they get up close and personal with your cock. They then get down to work, and down right next to your cock, as they link fingers and stroke your cock until it explodes, then they playfully let the air zip out of their balloons as they giggle and play with the cum running down your cock. This will definitely be a night you will never forget!

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