AglaeaGroup - Mommy Knows How To Stroke


AglaeaGroup - Mommy Knows How To Stroke
It is a quiet afternoon, and you are in your bed trying to jerk your constantly-hard cock. It is NOT going well when your Mommy comes in and catches you. She sees you are having some trouble, and gets right between your legs to teach you how to stroke your cock with some hands-on instruction. Mommy slides her hands up and down the length of your cock, telling you where to stroke, and how to stroke as she shows you on yourself with her hands. She makes sure to lube your cock up so it slides through her hands, and doesn't forget to give your balls some love. Mommy takes off her shirt to let you look at her tits in her bra, and gets those tits up close and personal with your cock. You are excited now, and will cum soon, so Mommy strokes more firmly and faster as you start to shake, then shoot ropes of cum all over yourself. Mommy rubs your cum into your cock and tastes some with the tip of her tongue, then tells you she will want to play with your cock again SOON!

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