AglaeaGroup - Mommy's Balloon Birthday Surprise


AglaeaGroup - Mommy's Balloon Birthday Surprise
Today is your birthday and your mommy can't wait to show you the surprise that she has planned for you!  She wakes you first thing in the morning, strolling into your room in her tiny pink silk robe, which she almost immediately drops to reveal NOTHING underneath!  Mommy can't wait for your hard cock, and she wants to immediately get on her back and spread her legs for you so you can thrust your dick into her eager, wet pussy.  As you fuck her hot MILF pussy, Mommy blows up one balloon after another to add to your birthday celebration.  She wants to ride you, so she hops on top in cowgirl and starts bouncing on your young cock, leaning back so you get a full view of her bare pussy and big, fake tits.  Mommy lets you fuck her while she is on top and she can't help but cum as you hit just the RIGHT spot inside her pussy to make her whole body shake.  To return the favour, Mommy gets on her knees for you and sucks your cock and balls, taking time to tap your hard cock on her big, blue balloon, then Mommy strokes you off until you spurt cum all over her balloon and her shoulders.  "Happy birthday, son!" Mommy murmurs as she licks your cum off her balloon and fingers...

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