AglaeaGroup - Oink Oink Little Piggy


AglaeaGroup - Oink Oink Little Piggy
Witch Domina Paulina and Jordan Tyler met at a Halloween party, and he came home with her assuming that she wished to fuck ... But, no such luck for the hapless Jordan Tyler, as he has entered the witch's lair and must do her will. She puts him into a trance utilizing her amazing all natural tits and witchy wiles and has him become like a little piggy. He oinks on command, he sucks cock on command, and he oinks WHILE sucking cock on command. All the while, Domina Paulina humiliates Jordan for being such a pathetic little slut. Domina Paulina sends him to breakfast where he is commanded to oink every time he sees bacon on his plate like a good little piggy.

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femdom humiliation costume transformation fetish halloween