AglaeaGroup - Our Daughter Is Stuck On Cat


AglaeaGroup - Our Daughter Is Stuck On Cat
The family is at home on the couch, bored because there is nothing to do and nothing on television. Dad Jack announces that he has arranged for some entertainment, but what could it be? The youngsters muse about a stripper, but it turns out to be A CLOWN! Boppy the Clown, to be exact! Boppy comes in and starts some cheap parlour tricks, which elicits laughter from Nicky and Desiree, who think they are way too old for clowns. So, Boppy decides to take it up a notch by trying clown magic to turn daughter Desiree into a cat ... which actually works! Desiree rolls on the floor as a horny cat, furiously fingering her shaved pussy for her entire family to see, then licking and rubbing on her mom, dad, and brother. They insist that Boppy change Desiree back, but he cannot. Desiree puts on quite a show for her family with her masturbation and moaning, but they decide that they cannot keep her at the house. They send her home with Boppy the Clown for safe keeping.

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