AglaeaGroup - Playing My Skin Flute


AglaeaGroup - Playing My Skin Flute
Jenni Noble loves instruments of all kinds, but she loves one kind of instrument above all others : the skin flute. She wants you to join her so she can show you her HUGE knockers and play your rock hard skin flute. She starts by stripping off her sexy clothes for you, revealing gigantic, soft tits that beg to be squeezed and licked. Then, Jenni takes your instrument in her hands and starts to lick it with her long tongue. She gets your cock all wet then, after adding some spit between her tits, she enfolds your cock in her breasts, completely surrounding it. She runs her tits up and down the length of your cock, moaning with pleasure, then goes back to sucking your hard dick, taking it all into her mouth and throat, and licking on your tight balls while stroking your skin flute. She rolls over to the side of the bed and, laying upside down, takes your cock into her throat, gagging nicely. She gets down on her knees and sucks your cock then rubs it between her big tits, getting you closer and closer to cumming all over the place. When you are almost ready to cum, Jenni lays on her back and lets you climb on top of her to straddle her then stroke your cock over her tits until you make it squirt cum all over her tits. Watch in slow motion POV as your cum spurts out of your cock all over her bountiful bosom, leaving Jenni slick with your cum. She rubs her tits together, massaging your cum into her skin, and smiles up at you, happy to have given you such a fantastic orgasm.

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