AglaeaGroup - Playing With My Butt


AglaeaGroup - Playing With My Butt
Zoe Lark loves putting things in her ass. Here we have the Asian persuasion herself caressing her body down and slowly stripping off her clothes. She glides her hand along her pussy, rubbing deeply before slipping a finger in and fucking herself. She then pulls out her glass toy and starts to tease it with her tongue. She slides her tongue along the shaft of the toy, gently kisses it, then begins sucking it, getting it nice and slick for her ass. She lifts her legs and slowly pushes the toy into her asshole, then begins pumping her ass with it at a higher speed. She crooks her head back and moans from the pleasure. She pauses for a moment, then gets up and bends into doggy position. She starts fucking her asshole with the toy then pulling it out, showing a gape so wide you could hear an echo. She cums back to back until she plops herself back down and massages her spent cunt.

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