AglaeaGroup - Sharing Is Caring


AglaeaGroup - Sharing Is Caring
Dakota is giving her boyfriend a prrretty bad handjob. Poor Nicky is being such a trooper about it. Fortunately Dakota's step-aunts barge in at just the right time! Clearly, Step-Auntie Vanessa & Step-Auntie Nina have been eye-ing Dakota's latest squeeze for some time and NOW they want a turn. They bombard Nicky, practically shoving Dakota out of the way, and start stroking, sucking, and fucking Nicky's brains out. Sharing IS caring though after all, so they make sure to include Dakota and teach her a few valuable lessons. After taking their turns on Nicky, he moans and busts his load deep inside Step-Auntie Vanessa. Vanessa and Nina then gesture to Dakota to clean up her boyfriend's mess; and she happily eats his nut out of her cum-filled step-aunt.

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