AglaeaGroup - Sherry Gets Nicky Wet


AglaeaGroup - Sherry Gets Nicky Wet
A Lift & Carry Escapade Nicky is outside by the pool enjoying the sunshine in the nude - and letting his cock hang out in the fresh air - when Sherry comes outside to lounge by her pool, and finds him there. How dare he sit by HER pool naked and with a hard on? She is steaming mad, and decides to teach him a lesson by carrying him around the pool deck - cradle, fireman carry, and on her back. She wants to show HIM that he is inferior to HER. She throws him into the pool, getting him completely wet, and makes him lay on his back as she tramples and punches his abdomen, cock, and balls. Sherry is really teaching Nicky a lesson, and one he won't forget! At the end, she demands he find some clothes and put them on because she doesn't want to see his naked cock in her pool!

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femdom fetish female domination mixed wrestling lift & carry