AglaeaGroup - Soothing Sis's Stress


AglaeaGroup - Soothing Sis's Stress
Nicky's sister, Skylar, has been acting like a madwoman due to her high levels of stress. She has been yelling at the cat and crumpling blunts, and Nicky is fed up. He decides to take Skylar to visit alternative medicine specialist, Dr. Lei, whose innovative treatments for stress are legendary. Dr. Lei assesses the patient and immediately gets Skylar on the exam table, strapped in to protect everyone in the room. Dr. Lei then takes out an electric vibrator and starts to work on Skylar's clit over her cotton thong, much to the shock of Skylar's brother, Nicky, who soon finds himself getting a hardon in the exam room as his sister writhes in pleasure on the exam table. Dr. Lei pulls aside Skylar's thong and gives her a massive orgasm, then instructs Nicky to put his cock in his sister's mouth to help stimulate her orally so Skylar can have another amazing orgasm. After getting off twice, Skylar is calm and rather dazed, thanking Dr. Lei for her good work...

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