AglaeaGroup - Step-Sister Suckoff Surprise


AglaeaGroup - Step-Sister Suckoff Surprise
Nicky is traveling through the area and stops by a hotel to get some rest. His sister, Dezi gets word that he's in town and decides to surprise him while he's resting. She sneaks into his hotel room, gets under the covers and starts sucking on his cock. Nicky awakens to the most incredible sensation and the sounds of suction. He lifts up the sheets to see his faithful stepsister blowing him. She smiles and they say their hellos and she gets right back to sucking his dick. She glides her tongue along the shaft and gargles his balls in her mouth. Nicky is getting increasingly more excited and tells her to undress. Nicky has her play with her pussy while he strokes his cock a little before he gives her back control of his dick and has her suck him off until he cums. He lets out one spurt after another all over her face and mouth. Dezi is totally delighted by the cummy mess, then notifies him before she leaves that their mother wants him to come by for dinner later.

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