AglaeaGroup - Stroking Young Dick With My Daughter


AglaeaGroup - Stroking Young Dick With My Daughter
Nicky arrives at his girlfriend, Desiree's house before she does and is greeted by her mother. She has him sit down and wait, then suggests they do something to "pass the time." Nicky suggests cards, but Desiree's mom has other ideas. She proposes he let her give him a handjob. Startled at first, he accepts her proposal. She takes out his cock and starts stroking - until Desiree walks in on them. "Just keeping my cock warm?" Nicky retorts. Desiree shrugs, but decides she might as well join in, as they both begin stroking Nicky's cock, mother & daughter. Desiree is getting a kick out of sharing her boyfriend's dick with her mother. As they both trade tips & techniques, Nicky begins trembling until he BURSTS out a massive cumshot. Desiree's mother always loved young dick.

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