AglaeaGroup - Take A Sexy Shower With Me, Baby


AglaeaGroup - Take A Sexy Shower With Me, Baby
Mistress E and Nicky Rebel have been having a fun time playing in the pool, and we enter the scene as Mistress E is in the bathroom showing off Her newly-dyed hair to her lover, Nicky. She is in a playful mood, so begins to trim Nicky's hair, then Her own, leading to Mistress E completely shaving Her head, before bringing Nicky to the shower to get clean. First, Mistress E shampoos Her hair and washes Her body, then She moves on to cleaning Nicky's already-hard cock and balls. She strokes his cock, then, once he is rinsed off, starts to suck his cock with gusto, making sure to do plenty of ball-sucking as well. Mistress E excites Nicky so much with Her oral cock worship that he cums all over Her face and in her mouth. Mistress E then plays with Nicky's cum as it drips from Her mouth, fingers, and Nicky's still-hard cock. She rinses Her face then rubs the remainder of Nicky's cum on Her clit and pussy lips, massaging Her clit until She squirts all over Nicky. Isn't it fun to get dirty while getting clean?!

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