AglaeaGroup - Three Generations Stroking Your Cock


AglaeaGroup - Three Generations Stroking Your Cock
Every era has its own unique flavor. In the 1920s, we had the rise of skirts and swing-dancing. In the 1950s we had rock & roll, space-themed cereal, and the first television. In the 1990s we had the Simpsons, the Clintons, Grunge, and the Simpsons again; just a different Simpson that time. Enjoy three different flavors of handjob in this unique POV experience. Brace yourself as Leilani shows off her rapid wrist technique from the golden-days. She can cure any great depression with the stimulus she gives. Lay back and relax with Kenzi's two-hand cock massage, showing a soft yet rigorous touch that can warm any cold war. Then, get down and dirty with Lilly's tug and twist, proving that millennials will have no problem carrying the torch. By "carry" we mean "stroking," and by "torch" we mean "cock."

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