AkiraShell - Dexter Worships Mikayla's Size 16's


AkiraShell - Dexter Worships Mikayla's Size 16's
Catching her little step-brother stealing her socks, yet again, she sets out to give him a stinky punishment he won't soon forget! Last time she caught him she told him that he isn't allowed anywhere near her socks. Thinking he is crafty, he this time steals her shoes instead of specifically her socks! Loop hole! Catching him in the act, Mikayla finds him with his nose buried deep in the soles of her most worn converse. Ew! Absolutely disgusted and horrified with her step-brother, Mikayla decides to his with the stiffling smell. As she is mothering his face with her shoes, she takes her socks off, exposing her giant size 16 feet! Making sure he never forgets this experience, she gives him no choice but him to worship her giant soft feet. Thinking it would deter him from his little foot fetish, Mikayla sits atop her step-brother and shoves her giant feet on top of his face. Dexter happily accepts the "punishment" and worships her massive feet, licking and sucking each one of her toes, moving on to the long arches and every inch of his beautiful feet. Mikayla is appalled at first, but she seems like just maybe.... she is starting to like it...

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