AkiraShell - Foot Tickling Lola To Cum


AkiraShell - Foot Tickling Lola To Cum
In a stunning silver bikini and cotton candy cuffs wrapped around her elegant ankles- Lola lays on the couch with her sensitive scrumptious soles propped up and exposed for you. Dripping babyoil over her soles, you warm up her sensations with a sensual massage, making her moan. Before she has a chance to realize what you are up to, you slip your fingernail under the curl of her toes and start to wiggle and tickle. Giggling, she tries to waistband the tickling. After massaging again for a while, this time you sneak in a comb right between her toes. Eyes widening with shock, Lola hollers and laughs hysterically from her ticklish little toes. Thrashing around, Lola starts to get confused as you mix pleasurable massages with treacherous tickles. Before long Lola is curling her toes in ecstasy as she climaxes in a confusing tickling sensation!

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foot fetish sensual foot domination foot worship foot tickling