BeingBoth - Being Both #37 Trailer


BeingBoth - Being Both #37 Trailer
#37 Trailer–New Slut does it again! HUGE COCKS DEEPTHROATED, CUM-COVERING her, and she EATS EVERY DROP OF IT • BeingBoth Once you have watched this video all the way through, it might be that you just have to replay it, in order to prove to yourself that what you watch really happened. That most certainly happened to me: Firstly, what was improvised was filmed, then I watched it on a screen – and then I had to re-watch it to see if it really happened! - You will meet a woman who is so eager to handle huge cocks, suck, slobber and eventually deepthroat them, it seems to drive her absolutely crazy for more. When she ends up surrounded by three cum-filled cocks, she lets them explode in cascades of cum that she catches with her lips, tongue, mouth, face, and whole body, and she licks every drop off the mattress to satisfy her insatiable lust and thirst for fresh, warm, and sticky cum. Never before has this been done or seen, so watch the lust, the craving, the intensity with which she feeds off of her huge cum-fountains, driving her to collect and re-bathe in it, slurp and guzzle it into her, watch a pussy and another mouth be fed the same delicious slipperiness, only to intimately share it with them by licking, dripping, and gulping from them, too. Cum-madness? No, cum-fever! And it will go on, and on, and on… now also in your mind!

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