BeingBoth - Being Both #41 Trailer


BeingBoth - Being Both #41 Trailer
#41 Trailer–The Secretary shows you how to tease, please, and get cocks cuming! • BeingBoth The Secretary again! After a music video message of ”Loving you the right way”, she goes on to tell you how to succeed in getting the cock you want and love – and what NOT to do when sucking cock! But she gets so engaged in the cock she uses in her lessons, that she totally looses it – and goes through cock after cock, or rather: Cock after cock goes into her. Deep! She even introduces her two gigantic new friends, her own creations, one so new that she hasn’t even tried it until making this video! And it is HUGE! Can she squeeze the whole thing down her insatiable throat? The other new friend is one that has appeared before in earlier videos, but now it has GROWN a lot bigger! To see her feast on it, is breath-taking… She then throws herself under another large member of her cock-family, and now she is so hungry for cum, that this monster cock immediately unloads a very large cum-shower onto her, to where she is completely unrecognizable – in her very own unique way.

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