Bigsexy Films - Ana Rose Takes Anal to Save her Boss


Bigsexy Films - Ana Rose Takes Anal to Save her Boss
Vega Industries has had a long standing rivalry with Johnson Consolidated. The competition was getting heated, and Mr. Vega decided to take bold action. He wanted to hire Johnson's VP of Marketing, Ms. Ana Rose. He concocted a scheme. His marketing assistant Gemini would get Mr. Johnson buzzed and fuck him in her hotel room in front of a hidden camera. The plan worked! Mr. Vega went to Ms. Rose's room at the hotel, to blackmail her into resigning from Johnson and coming over to Vega. She took it the wrong way, though, and thought he wanted to fuck her! Mr. Vega assured her that he was well supplied in the pussy department... so she did the only thing a loyal Johnson employee could do, she offered him her ass... He did what came naturally, fucked her until he filled that tight, hot ass with a load of cum. Production Notes: Check out this scene! I have no idea how I managed to get superstar pornstar Ana Rose to shoot again... I don't think she had shot a scene for quite a while, either before or after this scene, but she was in town, and I guess I had the right timing. I'm a lucky fucker!

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