Bigsexy Films - Anastasia Rose Gets Anal and Creampied


Bigsexy Films - Anastasia Rose Gets Anal and Creampied
I was getting ready to take some lingerie photos for Anastasia Rose and came out of the bathroom to find her already masturbating. Whoa! What a bold young lady! She didn't bat an eyelash at me seeing her, and thinking, why should she have all of the fun, I pulled my cock out and started jerking off. It just turned her on more, and before ya know it, she was cumming from her Hitachi. I asked her if I could taste her juices, and she was game! I licked her pussy some, and she suggested she put her buttplug in... Um, OK! After she got it in, she sucked my cock. Damn, my kind of girl! Then I fucked her. Her ass was so tight, I didn't last long inside it, and so I finished deep in her pussy, cumming for longer than I think I ever have. I just kept cumming and cumming. It was an intense orgasm, to say the least! Production Notes: A fellow producer gave me the heads up that Anastasia Rose was in town, and I had to shoot with her! Sadly, she had to delay her shoot for a few days, which resulted in me shooting with her in the evening of a day that I had already done another shoot. I soldiered on, though, and gave her my all, and filled her tight pussy with a big old dripping creampie!

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