Bigsexy Films - Ashley Ford is Creampied and Swallows


Bigsexy Films - Ashley Ford is Creampied and Swallows
The lovely creature across the road caught my eye. Her jeans were tight, and her round ass was irresistable. I began filming her, I had no choice. She noticed me. Fuck! She walked towards me. Double fuck! She didn't seem to mind that I was filming her, though. She said she can always tell when a "human is watching me." What the fuck? She went on to inform me that she is a Goddess... A Goddess of Seduction! She came up to my hotel room, and seduce me she did! She sucked my cock, and I fucked her tight little pussy, and I came inside her. But the worship was not over. She got me hard again soon enough, and she eagerly swallowed my second offering. Production Notes: Ashley was so much fun to work with, I hope to work with her again this summer!

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