Brock Doom - Lipstick Gets Everywhere BBC Oral Art


Brock Doom - Lipstick Gets Everywhere BBC Oral Art
This is my latest film and probably one of the most artistic erotic films I've ever made too. "Lipstick Gets Everywhere" is the title of this adorable and atmospheric blowjob video and artistic short film, starring myself and my very dear friend, Loni Legend. For fans of really big beautiful boobies, this is a great film. There is some fun boob stuff that happens in the film, but it's also a seductive and new wave styled film noir homage and also a celebration of our ethnic diversity. My Arabian BBC looks nice in Loni's perfect mouth, and she looks gorgeous throughout the film. Enjoy this film for FREE for the next 24 hours! It will be $13.99 plus a 30% discount from Monday, November 14th onwards, so check it out while you can, then please be sure to buy it once it's available for purchase on Monday! THANKS! XOXO

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