Cyriis Studios - FuckMachine Squirtin Cum Torment TRAILER


Cyriis Studios - FuckMachine Squirtin Cum Torment TRAILER
Riley Cyriis and Ryan Cyriis are at it again with another bound orgasm torment session! This time, Riley is being punished for...just being Riley. Your favorite annoying e-whore. She's bound and gagged in a dark dungeon and very quickly starts taking a good deal of pain. Daddy then switches to rough and painful pleasure overload, hooking her up to the fuck machine with the fist and massive dildo attachments! Her pussy is being visibly pulled apart while she sprays cum uncontrollably and begs for mercy. Daddy denies and gives permission to cum when he says, punishing her even harder if she doesn't follow his instructions. He starts giving her chances to end her torment with very simple quiz questions, which she can't seem to get right. It takes over 35 minutes for the session to end, and weeks for Riley to walk right again!

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