Divinely - E-Girl Impotent SPH JOI


Divinely - E-Girl Impotent SPH JOI
Contains general mocking of your cock not working, themes of SPH, Impotence, Premature Ejaculation, being a Cuck and Virgin. You have scheduled a video call with your favourite e-girl so she can give you a JOI and help get you off! You enter the call and she greets you warmly, but before things get naughty you decide to let her know that when you masturbate you usually cum super fast and can't last long. Luckily she's reassuring and things progress. However, she soon realises you're having trouble getting hard for her and she starts to lose her patience a little bit, questioning whether your dick even works. The final straw is when she finally sees your cock, realising it's asbolutely tiny. She loses her cool and the call descends into mean teasing and humiliation focussing on your impotence, premature ejaculation and your tiny cock. She guides you all the way, laughing and mocking you until you can't help but cum!

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