Divinely - Gooner Encouragement


Divinely - Gooner Encouragement
TRIGGER WARNING: Porn Addiction. This video features heavily the discussion and encouragement of themes relating to porn addiction, being a chronic masturbator, gooner and pornosexual. This video is purely fantasy and for entertainment purposes. Please enjoy adult content responsibly. Headphones recommended. You're a hopeless gooner. Being pornosexual is a lifestyle. At this point, you have entirely dedicated yourself to worshipping porn. It's too late to ever change, so why not allow yourself to spiral even deeper and deeper into your infatuation with porn? Listen to the sound of my voice and enjoy the erotic visuals as I encourage you to keep on pumping for porn, pumping for that sweet dopamine that makes you feel good. But, you must never cum. Only edge. You must ride out this incredible feeling of being on the edge for porn for as long as physically possible. Pumping your brains out for porn is your purpose.

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