EroticaBabes - Abigail Toyne pregnant boob jiggle


EroticaBabes - Abigail Toyne pregnant boob jiggle
We asked Abigail Toyne at 8 months pregnant to bounce her boobs. She does this for us. You get to see her shake her tits and bounce them around. There's some slow motion sequences so you can see them move and jiggle. Abigail bounces her tits sometimes with her hands, and sometimes without. There's some great close up sections with slow motion where you can really see her boobs flesh doing its thing. She bounces up and down on her feet and makes her tits jump. We focus mainly on her large swollen tits and nipples in this scene. Mainly from the front view, at 03:10 she moves to a side profile and you get to see her swollen belly and boobs from the side, there's some great action there. Again some slow motion mixed in with normal speed here. We shot this at boob height, so you are either looking directly at her boobs, or slight upwards towards them. There's a few views of Abigail's face, mainly at the beginning. Most the camera viewpoints are on her boobs and moving towards her belly

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