EroticaBabes - Abigail Toyne white top tease


EroticaBabes - Abigail Toyne white top tease
We join Abigail Toyne in a lingerie set and a tight white blouse. She says she's going to do a striptease for you. She talks to you as she undresses, saying can you image undoing these buttons as she undoes her blouse. She is sitting on a chair and feels her satin bra and knickers. She stands up and turns around, pushing her ass out towards you. She then sits back down again and asks should she get her big breast out for you. She pulls them, one by one, out of her bra. Licking and tweaking her nipples. Abigail pushes her hand into her knickers and says she wants to show you her pussy. She says she's going to take those panties off. She stands up and pulls them down, showing you her ass and steps out of them. She turns around and sits back on the chair. She spreads her legs and you see her lush pussy. She fingers and plays with her lips. Spreading her pussy and asking you what you think about her pink pussy. We get in close and see her play with her lips and spread them. She rubs her clit and leans back into the moment. Pulling on her nipples, sucking her fingers and rubbing her nipples with her wet fingers. Then Abigail stands and turns around, she massages her ass cheek and bends over before sitting back down and asking you if you want another flash. She opens her legs and plays with her pussy. She runs her hands through her long blonde hair and then continues to play with her pussy. She plays with her boobs and you can see her nipples had got hard and erect. She's clearly turned on. She pushes her finger into her wet pussy. She moans and groans as she does this, rubbing and playing with her cunt. She moves back to her tits, and leans back into the chair. This is where we leave Abigail

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