EroticaBabes - Alice Wonder Alice in rope


EroticaBabes - Alice Wonder Alice in rope
Alice is playing with rope. She is nude sporting a natural bush and has natural jute bondage rope suspended above her head. She wraps the rope around her body to make a symmetrical pattern. She states up front that's it's not a set routine, just a playtime. She undoes the first design and moves into a second on. This is all made up on the spot! The camera follows her moves and allows us to see her body and shapely form. She has a very matter of fact attitude and tells you what she thinks of the end result. Into her third design and the bush is looking great with the rope around it. She has a mirror to look at behind the camera and you can see her glancing into it now and again. There are two camera used to film with sequence, a close up and a medium wide shot. We cut between the two angles throughout the duration of the video. Alive pushes her pelvis towards the camera and you can see her wild bush with the long pubes. It's completely natural and she has a small trail of hair up to her belly button. Alice is leaning on the rope and allowing it to take her weight. She undoes the tie and moves into a new sequence. Wrapping the rope around her torso and legs making a pant harness. Then she's onto a new design. This time on her boobs, torso and neck. She unties herself and brings the rope between her legs, she turns around with her ass facing the camera before turning back again. We move in close on her pelvic area as she ties her design and then unwraps it again. A true delight and good fun session. Alice is a true natural young spirit and loves her modelling and natural looks

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teens (18+) hairy all natural hairy bush bondage rope