EroticaBabes - Alice Wonder High Fashion Alice


EroticaBabes - Alice Wonder High Fashion Alice
Alice is wearing a pair of Wollford high fashion tights and a pair of black patent high heel shoes, and that's it! She introduces herself and tells you about the tights and how they feel. She start to pose and change her position on the black chair she is seated on. Her slender frame and tight body looks fabulous in the fashion tights. She teases you by pulling the material tight across her bush. Changing her poses and position so you get a good look at her hairy bush through the sheer material. Alice turns around and spreads her ass cheeks and you get to see her hairy ass through the tights. She spreads her pussy lips and shows you her pink pushed tight up against the material of the tights. She starts to remove the Wollford tights and continues to spread her ass and pussy lips wide. Her hairy bush is long and natural and she has a happy trial up to her belly button. Alice continues to spread her ass and pussy showing you in between her legs. Shot with 2 HD 1080p DSLR cameras. Most of the scene is shown with the close up camera as we didn't want you to miss the detail of Alice's pussy and ass.

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